Trusts and Family assets protection

Trusts represent a relatively new tool for protecting and managing assets

  • Settlement of a trust customized to your requirements
  • Legal advice before settling a trust
  • Assistance in drafting of a trust fund statute
  • Trust registration, Register of Trusts
  • Trusteeship in settled trusts
  • Services for those who intend to use a trust as a tool for protecting family assets
  • Disposition mortis causa and testamentary trusts, intergeneration transfers
  • Private family trusts, determination of shares in property
  • Passing down family property, last will and testament and its alternatives
  • Family holdings and structures
  • Protection of family companies where the legal successorship is unclear
  • We fulfill the trust owner’s intentions while applying a sensitive approach to the family
  • Settlement of a trust for protection from creditors and from the influence of third parties
  • Tax and accounting aspects of trusts

Membership:  APRSF

JUDr. Vladimíra Pajerová is a recognized trustee, registered in APRSF List of Trustees.

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Trusts and new Register of Beneficial Owners

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