Pricelist of services

About how we charge our rates and some information for you to stop worrying about unexpected costs:

We provide the first 20 minutes of consultation free of charge.

This is a bonus we offer to each client and a great benefit for you. If we agree to take the case, then:

  1. An hourly rate is the most common rate and it is easy for you to understand since we will always attach an accurate billing to your invoice. Services of an administrative nature provided by the law office as part of your case are usually charged at 30% of the hourly rate.
  1. A monthly lump-sum fee: If you have a long-term cooperation in mind, we can agree on a monthly lump-sum fee where the parameters will be precisely defined. With the lump-sum fee, you will get a number of benefits which will be included in your service package. The package configuration will be optimal, based on our mutual agreement.
  1. A preferential hourly rate is applicable to our special programs supporting specific legal projects run by the law office, such as our program aimed at supporting starting entrepreneurs or our historical program of preferential rates applicable to insolvency cases.
  1. Templates, services and one-off legal matters: If you are sure that you will need the lawyer to perform one specific act of legal service, to provide one specific template or to draft one document and no other services will be required, we can agree, in advance, on a fixed fee as a compensation for the expected time which will be needed to perform the service. The agreed amount will not be exceeded in the billing you will receive.
  1. VIP – you can get an exclusive VIP service package where the respective monthly lump-sum fee covers an agreed number of hours, full service and top priority for your cases, which means swift outputs, a full-time lawyer available on the phone anytime and prompt deadlines.

Before we begin our cooperation with a client, the client will be asked to make an advance payment for legal services.

The price of our legal services will be determined when we receive more detailed information and ascertain the extent of services required.

The clients are always kept informed about the extent of our services. Any act of legal service which we prepare or propose will be performed with the client’s knowledge; the client can get an overview of the use of his advances or the development of costs anytime.

Tariff and percentage fees: In exceptional cases, we can agree on a fee which is determined as a percentage from the collected amount or from the value of the subject of dispute, or a fee based on the lawyers’ tariff regulation.

The law office is a VAT payer.

Have you not decided yet which option from the pricelist to choose? We will be happy to help. Setting reasonable financial conditions of cooperation is crucial for all clients; you can always change the selected option by agreement.