Insolvency, enforcement proceedings


For debtors:

  • We will assess the overall situation before the impending insolvency
  • We will assess the risks involved
  • We will prepare a petition
  • We will not exceed the price for filing the petition
  • We will be communicating with the insolvency practitioner

For creditors:

  • We represent creditors in insolvency proceedings as well
  • We will prepare submissions of claims for the insolvency proceedings
  • We will be monitoring your debtors: bankruptcy, discharge from debts, liquidation

Enforcement proceedings

For creditors and judgment creditors:

  • We will assess the recoverability of your claim
  • We will arrange for the collection of your claims
  • Realization from the delivery of a final and conclusive judgment
  • Cooperation with reliable and active licensed enforcement agents
  • Updates on the state of your enforcement proceedings
  • Screening of your debtors
  • Instalments, out-of-court agreements

For debtors:

  • Communication with licensed enforcement agents
  • Discontinuance of enforcement proceedings which have been brought unlawfully
  • Discontinuance of trivial enforcement proceedings
  • Help out of a debt trap
  • Comparison of enforcement proceedings vs insolvency in your specific case


  • Representation before court and at meetings with the insolvency practitioner

Discharge from debts

  • Discharge of natural persons from debts, personal bankruptcy
  • Discharge of legal entities (who are not regarded as entrepreneurs and who have no business debts) from debts
  • Consultations to resolve your financial problems
  • We will assess the advisability of discharge from debts
  • Personal bankruptcy in the case of business debts
  • Joint discharge of spouses from debts
  • Representation at meetings with the insolvency practitioner


  • We can help if you have concerns about your company being indebted
  • We will secure the implementation of the entire process
  • Performance of the liquidator’s duties
  • Termination of business without risk
  • Settlement of all assets
  • Erasure from the Commercial Register

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