If you have no minor children and a good chance to reach an agreement about property and divorce, we can offer you, at a lump sum fee of CZK 11.990 + VAT, a package which includes:

  • The first twenty-minute consultation free of charge
  • Divorce petition
  • Community property settlement agreement
  • Petition seeking approval of community property settlement agreement by court
  • Meeting to certify signatures which are to be affixed to the property settlement agreement
  • Representation at a meeting with the counterparty in the case of an uncontested divorce
  • Communication with court, data messages
  • Necessary email and telephone communication with the client

Costs charged extra: any translations, duty stamps, court or notarial fees, further personal meetings upon the client’s request, extra costs

What if you need extra services not included in the package, what if your marriage is not childless or what if your husband/wife disagrees with an uncontested divorce?

You can still use the package as a starting package and pay extra only for those acts which are not included in the package.

The best solution for the client and the client’s family is always an agreement, which represents the least stressful option for everyone. We will be representing you wherever possible, so you will not have to be there in person.

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