Your Company Under Our Legal Protection

Your Company Under Our Legal Protection

Are you a small or medium-sized company that needs to deal with contracts, legal matters, supplier contracts, internal regulations, negotiations with employees and clients, and keep up with new laws?

Do you want your business to be free of legal flaws? We are here for you!

Individual approach: We will get to know the operation of your company and prepare everything specifically for you.

Customized service package: We review documents quickly and carefully, draft contracts, evaluate and review contracts with business partners, compile internal regulations and labour law documents. We help with the collection of receivables, with executions, represent the company in court proceedings. We advise on trademarks, GDPR, intellectual property. 

Our experience: We have over two decades years of experience in representing small and medium-sized enterprises.

Flat-rate “Advokatky.cz and My Company“:

25,000 CZK and 550 minutes of legal services 

What you will save:

  • Fees for generic contract templates
  • The risk of an unfavourable contractual position
  • Sanctions from administrative bodies
  • Criminal liability of statutory bodies
  • Complicated searching for legislative changes

Contact us for professional legal support and give your company legal certainty! Please leave a message here and we will get back to you.