Attorney’s-at-law custody and other services


  • Mitigation of financial transaction risks
  • Law office insurance
  • The law office acts as an independent escrow agent
  • Upon disbursement, the law office is responsible for making sure that the conditions for disbursement have been satisfied
  • The money is on a separate account
  • The money may be deposited also in other than the Czech currency
  • Escrow reported in the electronic escrow system
  • The fee for escrow is not subject to the notarial escrow tariff
  • AML due diligence
  • Safekeeping of documents

In connection with providing attorney escrow, please be informed that as the Authorized Person in the sense of Section 22a responsible for compliance with the AML duties provided by the AML Act, i.e. all AML duties in general, and also as the so-called Contact Person in the sense of Section 18 and Section 22 of Act No. 253/2008, providing for compliance with the reporting duty under Section 18 of the AML Act, which means filing suspicious transaction reports with the Financial Analytical Office, if such a transaction is detected, complying with the reporting duty under Section 18 of the AML Act and providing for regular contacts with the Financial Analytical Office, JUDr. Vladimíra Pajerová, attorney-at-law, has been appointed, contact details: email: pajerova@advokatky.cz and phone no.: 603222600

Other services we provide include:

  • Signature verification by attorney
  • Data box administration
  • Provision of a registered office in Prague 2 for both natural persons and legal entities
  • Document conversions
  • Apostille or superlegalization of documents
  • Enforcement proceedings screening
  • Remote access to the Real Estates Register
  • Meeting rooms rentals for your business meetings
  • Ready-made companies – start conducting business right now


  • Experts, appraisers
  • Translators
  • Trustees
  • Notaries
  • Tax advisors, accountants
  • Mediators
  • Offices for assisted parent-child contact

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